+ 1.425%


+ 1.750%

1. How does the client get to Mister Ads?

The client, CDmon, a leading company in the sale of Web Domains, Hosting, Professional Mail, VPS Servers, Dedicated and Managed Servers, arrives at the agency in July 2018, when they were in a phase that they weren’t happy with the results that they were getting from their campaigns. They had very little growth and thought they could get better results.

2. What goals did they want to achieve?

The objectives of the brand were to increase ROI and increase sales volume.

3. How do we help them achieve their goals?

First of all, we did an analysis of the campaigns they had at that time.

Based on the client’s needs, we eliminated the ones that were not generating results, we promoted the ones that did have results and we created new campaigns focused on the objective.

4. What results have we achieved?

In just 2 months we managed to increase ROAS by 992% and in 3 months by 1.167%.


June 2018

+ 258%


August 2018

+ 1.250%


September 2018

+ 1.425%

As for the volume of sales, in 3 months it increased:

Volume of sales

+ 1.750%

These figures have remained somewhat stable over the years.

Evolution graph:

Next, we see the evolution of ROAS (red line) and the evolution of revenue (blue line) in this graph.

The points are located at the moment that Mister Ads begins to manage the campaigns.

We see that the trend, prior to the points, was to grow slowly. But the moment we start keeping track from Mister Ads we see a very positive upward change, both in ROAS and revenue.