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Customer volume

x 13

1. How does the client get to Mister Ads? 

Pousada Sao Jorge Porto Galinhas is a hotel located in the TOP 3 of the best in its area (Porto Galinhas, in Brazil), according to the opinions of its guests.

He arrives at the agency in the midst of a pandemic, when it was in a phase in which it had few leads and which were poorly qualified.

By having a presence in Brazil working with other hotels, the client trusts us to achieve their goals.

2. What goal did the client want to achieve?

The client’s goal was to increase qualified leads.

3. How do we help them achieve their goals?

The client was not working on digital marketing, so the first thing we did was open the Google Ads channel.

Based on the client’s needs, we create several types of campaigns: Hotel Ads, Search, Display, video and location. We adjust all these campaigns to reach the target audience, at the best possible cost.

4. What results have we achieved?

We immediately saw how the figures obtained exceeded any expectations.

We managed to double the incoming leads and make them much more qualified, increasing the volume of leads to closed clients by 13.